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Dear reader, 
Today is one of those days that I will do something different. All my former blog posts were written in Dutch. But the interesting thing was that my readers and followers on Instagram are people outside the Netherlands who were liking my Instagram posts the most. And that got me to think. Let's write in English. So this is my first English blogpost.. ever! There is first time in everything right!?
When I was opening my bible app YouVersion, I had an interesting verse already open. It said: 
Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,
but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.
Proverbs 21:5 NLT
So when I read this verse, I immediately started to reflect on my journey. And there are a few thoughts that I would like to share with you. I'm on this journey that I call LIFE. And for the past year, I'm thinking more than ever about my dreams and visions. And with those dreams and visions comes obviously prosperity! The outcome of most of our dreams and visions is prosperity. Because when you have it, you probably have happiness, joy, peace, etc. All the good stuff you can think of. So here's that verse out of the bible. That shows us a pearl of wisdom that planning leads to prosperity.
Like the bible verse Habbakuk 2:3 we learn that God can give us visions. The next step is to write it down. So ok mostly we got that. You can keep a journal or make a beautiful vision board. And that gets the dream or vision written. But that's just it. What is next..?! Sometimes we have those dreams and visions on paper and wait for it to happen. We sometimes talk to our friends about it. And it sounds great. And your friend supports you with it. But in due time... it can bug you. That unsatisfied feeling inside that you are not doing what you are supposed to do. And this verse of Proverbs 14:23 says:
Work brings profit,

but mere talk leads to poverty!

Proverbs 14:23

What is needed is to put in some work. And to come back to where I started. To work we need some serious planning. When we just do work, it can lead us all over the place and get us off track. Unfocused working can give you extra work, procrastination or get you off your goal. So what is that planning really about. The more details you can add to the vision writing the more it will come alive to you. What I normally do is ask God to help me with the plan. Because the size of my dreams needs supernatural help. So I pray and ask for wisdom. 

Then I'll think about what I would like to accomplish. What is needed to get the work done? In how many time would I like it to be done. Or where do I want to be in 2 - 5 or 10 years. 

For instance. I love to see the world. And from a young age, I have those travel dreams in my mind. But because I was putting my bucket list aside. I wasn't traveling to new places in years. Don't get me wrong, I traveled. But my dream was (and still is) to go to new places. 


I wanted to see Miss Liberty in New York. And watch a musical on Broadway. I wanted to see the ball drop on New year's eve. And hang on a traffic light.. just because. Lol! And I did all of that. 

So when you have those dreams written down to make it more clear and alive to you. Make a plan to make your dreams come true. See how much money you can save each month to go in due time. Go and look online at what hotel you would like to stay. What airlines have the best tickets. What places you want to see and experiences you want to have when you are there. Do some planning towards your goal. I'm just making an example of traveling. But this goes for everything.. your business, your bucket list, your dreams, and visions. 

That road towards the goal is a journey that I mostly like. I learn new things, get more wisdom on how to move more towards where I want to be. But there are also times where I just want that short cut. Win a lottery and get on that plane, in my case. But I have to admit it is the journey that makes us more mature. It gets us also trained for the next trip. The next so-called journey. When we're are trained to handle the difficult seasons. We can handle the next step. Sure you can win the lottery, but is your mindset also trained to handle that money well. And not lose it and go into poverty. The example of money is what I think the easiest way to describe prosperity vs. poverty. However, when you have a poverty mindset.. your outcome will also follow. To grow in life, business, vision.. we also need to get our mindset to grow. And therefore we need the journey. So don't take the short cut, even though it appears like the best thing to do. Enjoy the growing part. Yes with growing pains and all. But those are only to make us stronger and more effective. 

You will enjoy your goal much more when you had some effort put in. When you can see the part of growing, learning and building towards your dreams. The people you meet. The special things that only God can do, It's like working towards a great reward. And as I would like to see it, as a big present God gave me. Hashtag self-care, ha! 

"Let's get Prosperity in Life"





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