#14 Structure the day! 7 Tips to make it happen

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Hey all, 

How is everybody doing! Nice to have you here.. pray you are safe and healthy. 

In the last years I was working a lot from home. Not only as a mother and a housewife, but also as a virtual assistant & a business owner. So I got used to doing work from home. And when I want to get out of the house and have people around me. I often went to places where you can sit and work from you laptop while enjoying their coffee in a local hotspot in the city. The options are numerous in the beautiful Amsterdam! So now I also started working from a beautiful office at a multinational since February '20. I wanted to have a new work environment, meet new people. And just 6 weeks after that start.. back home! So now we are ALL in quarantine. 

What I noticed in these last weeks was that my mind went on non stop thinking how to structure this change in our lives. Not only was it different for myself. My kids are also at home and the amount of work just went bananas. I was all over the place trying to get the structure back up. So I would like to share with you the things that got me more organized at home. And hope it will help you too. 

Hereby some tips:

1. Give yourself a - get up -  routine! 

And what I mean by that is. When you go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time. Your body will know what to expect. But getting up with something that benefits you is a treat for yourself. So how does that look for me. I get up and jump right into the shower. I am not really a morning person, so that shower is what gets me going in the morning. I put on some clothes that I feel like wearing that day. I will be real with you. When I am working from home, I might feel like get into my comfy clothes. While other days I pick out a dress or something like that. Depends on the mood, the weather and what ever. I make my cappuccino the way I like it and some breakfast and sit at my kitchen table. 

2. Make a to do today list. 

Working from home requires some discipline. And with all the different kind of distractions. It might be helpful to write down the tasks that you want to accomplish that day. How that list looks like these last weeks is different than the way I worked from home. The difference is that my kids are at home with each of them a different list of tasks that they need to do. And be realistic and brutally honest to yourself about the amount of work that you want to get done and the time you have to do it. Because working with kids around is a whole different way of working..at home. 

3. Organize your tasks in block hours. 

When you need to do some work for yourself and also be the teacher to your kids. It is helpful to split all the tasks in block hours. My kids have each some tasks they need to be doing that day. So I reserve time to get them to do their schoolwork. In this time block they might ask me questions or ask for guidance during the online homeschooling. So in that time I'll plan my "mommy's on a fruit - lunch - food break" & get the easy things on my to do list done. Because during this time it requires me to have divided attention. 

4. Set your time to go for breaks.

It is so important for you to get on a break. All this working from home with a tons of distractions and other things you might want to pick up. Can make you sometimes forget to have something to eat or drink. It is easy to start working and keep going on till the sound of your stomach tells you.. STOP! When you eat healthy it will give you the energy you need to keep going.

5. Get outside, work out(side)! 

To get out of that "stay at home behind my PC mood" is to get out of the house. Going for a walk or ride your bike in the fresh air can give you that tiny boost that you need to recharge yourself for the next block. This is also a good way to get yourself in movement. In this quarantine time it is easy to forget to workout. It is beneficial to your body to stay in good health. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Sounds like something that needs to be on that to do today list ;)

My mommy workout this week was more like running behind my little girl while she learns to ride her bike without training wheels. To get you some visuals: running in half squat mode behind a 4 year old making sure she doesn't fall off that bike.. is a workout to me! It was fun, I got outside the house and had Q-time with the little princess = win - win. 



6. Create your own work space. 

I understand that not everybody is able to have their own office at home. But it is possible to have your work space as nice as possible for you. What I really like to have is a tidy space to work in. When I see things that are messy or something dirty. It can distract me, but it gets in the back of my mind that I still need some things (extra) to do, besides the to do list I made in the morning. When you can create a peaceful space for yourself, you will find yourself at peace as well. What I really like is nice scents. So a scent candle or those amazing home sticks from Rituals for instance. We have those at home and it gives me a sense of comfort. What I also really like is a calm environment. To create a peaceful atmosphere in my house I put on some calm instrumental music which also gets my kids at peace. But if you really want to shut yourself off from everything, get yourself some good earplugs or headphones with your favorite music. 

7. Social media 

I would really want to address a huge distraction.

While working on your block hours. Stay off social media while working would really help you gain time. That can be a huge distraction to get yourself in the productive mood you want to stay in. It might be something to consider putting in a block time too. To get yourself focused on the things that you need to be doing. When we open social media platforms it can get us to scroll untill we are back to awareness that we just lost 30min of just looking at other peoples stuff. And don't get me wrong, I like social media and the content of the people I follow. But to be productive, put it on mute until you are finished with the important things on your list. Unless your work is to work on social media. Then this tip is not for you ;-) 

Well beautiful people, make it the best you can while being at home. Besides being productive. Stay healthy in Jesus' name! 

"Let's get Prosperity in Life"



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